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SmartFabric Services for Top-of-Rack/Leaf and Spine

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PowerEdge MX

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SmartFabric Services for Leaf and Spine

There are two types of SmartFabric Services (SFS):
- SFS for Leaf and Spine
- SFS for PowerEdge MX
This page only applies to SFS for Leaf and Spine. For PowerEdge MX information, click the PowerEdge MX button above.

Note: The terms Top-of-Rack switch and Leaf switch are interchangeable.

Supported Switches

SFS is supported on the Dell EMC PowerSwitch models listed in the table below. SFS does not run on 3rd party switches or other Dell EMC PowerSwitch models. Any combination of the leaf and spine switches listed in the table below may be used with the exception that leaf switches must be deployed in pairs (1 pair per rack). Each leaf switch in the pair must be the same model due to VLT requirements.
Maximum SmartFabric size: SFS supports up to 20 switches in the leaf and spine fabric, with a maximum of 16 leafs (8 racks) and 4 spines.
Minimum SmartFabric size: The minimum fabric size is 2 leafs and 0 spines. If spines are used, at least 2 are required in production environments.

Note: The links in the table below point to the product support page for the selected switch.

Dell EMC PowerSwitch Model Typical Role* Notes
10GbE Leaf S4148FE-ON and S4148U-ON are not supported.
10GbE Leaf S4200 series switches are not supported with VxRail.
25GbE Leaf
100GbE Spine S5232F-ON may be used as a leaf with downstream ports broken out to 10GbE or 25GbE.
Z9100-ON is supported with Isilon/PowerScale backend only. It is not supported for other SFS deployments.
Z-series switches are supported as spines only.
*Any Dell EMC PowerSwitch in the table above may be used as a leaf or a spine except for Z-series which are supported as spines only.
Supported Product Versions

The Dell Technologies Networking Solutions portal provides various guides to assist with architecting and deploying SFS solutions.

Note: The links in the table below point to the user guide for the selected software.

OMNI SmartFabric OS10 vCenter VxRail PowerStore Isilon Front-End, PowerScale, PowerEdge Server, vSAN Ready Node, & other devices NSX-T
2.0 10.5.2.x (min 7.0u1c
Yes Yes 3.0.2
(with vCenter 7.0u1 or a later version listed in the vCenter column)
1.3 10.5.0.x (min 7.0
Yes Yes No
1.2 10.5.0.x (min 6.7u3 4.7.510
No Yes No
1.1 10.5.0.x (min 6.7u2 4.7.411
No No No
1.1 10.4.3.x (min 6.7u2 4.7.301
No No No
1.0 10.4.1.x (min 6.7u1 4.7.211
No No No
- To ensure your environment has the latest fixes and features available, use the latest versions listed.
- SmartFabric OS10 version 10.5.1.x is NOT supported with SFS for Leaf and Spine.
- For new/greenfield deployments with single-rack or multi-rack leaf and spine, only the SFS L3 fabric personality is supported.
- For VxRail, please refer to the 4.7.x and 7.0.x VxRail support matrices for additional details.
- OMNI software is available for download here.
- For more information, see the applicable OMNI User Guide (link in the OMNI column above) and the SmartFabric Services User Guide.
Unsupported Environments
SFS is not supported in the following environments:
- VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF)
- vSAN Stretched Cluster
- VxRail L3 Everywhere (for vSAN/vMotion)
- Two-node VxRail clusters

Operating Systems Supported on Data Center Networking Products

Please see the applicable users guide for your product for further specific details.

Speed Platform ASIC OS9 OS10 SONiC Pluribus CCF
Converged Cloud Fabric
DANZ Monitoring Fabric
1G S3048-ON Helix4
10G S4048-ON* TD2
S4048T-ON* TD2+
S4112F-ON Maverick
S4112T-ON Maverick
S4128F-ON Maverick
S4128T-ON Maverick
S4148F-ON Maverick
S4148T-ON Maverick
25G S5048-ON* TH+
S5212F-ON TD3 X5
S5224F-ON TD3 X5
S5248F-ON TD3 X7
S5296F-ON TD3 X7
40G S6000-ON* TD2
S6010-ON* TD2+
S6100-ON* TH
100G S5232F-ON TD3 X7
Z9100-ON* TH
Z9264F-ON TH2
400G Z9332F-ON TH3

* Platform in-process or already discontinued

PowerEdge MX Component Versions

The following table lists the currently supported component versions for the PowerEdge MX solution for both SmartFabric and Full Switch modes.
Dell Technologies PowerEdge MX Networking Infohub Portal provides various guides to assist with architecting and deploying the infrastructure necessary to optimize PowerEdge MX solutions.

Open Manage Enterprise - Modular 1.10.20 1.20.00 1.20.10 1.30.00 (current)
iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller
Dell EMC Server BIOS PowerEdge MX740c 2.5.4 2.7.7 2.9.4 2.10.2
Dell EMC Server BIOS PowerEdge MX840c 2.5.4 2.7.7 2.9.4 2.10.2
QLogic 26XX series Fibre Channel adapters 15.05.12 15.05.14 15.15.06 15.20.14
QLogic 27XX series Fibre Channel adapters 15.05.12 15.05.13 15.15.06 15.20.14
QLogic 41xxx series adapters 15.05.14 15.05.18 15.15.11 15.20.16
Mellanox ConnectX-4 Lx Ethernet Adapter Firmware
Intel NIC Family v19.5.x firmware for X710, XXV710, XL710Et 19.5.12 19.5.12 19.5.12 20.0.17
Emulex Fibre Channel Adapter Firmware. 03.02.18 03.02.18 03.03.37 03.04.24
OpenManage Enterprise Modular 1.10.20 1.20.00 1.20.10 1.30.00
MX9116n Fabric Switching Engine OS10 or
MX5108n Ethernet Switch OS10
MX5016s Storage Sled 2.40 2.40 2.40 2.40
MXG610s   8.1.0_lnx3 8.1.0_lnx3 9.0.1a

Revision History

Support Matrices Document Revisions

Revision Date Description
A21 May 2021 -Added support for VxRail 7.0.132
-Removed ISL/ICL breakout instructions. This info is now maintained in the SmartFabric Services User Guide.

Previous Revisions

Revision Date Description
A20 Apr 2021 Added support for OME-M 1.30.00, updated component versions for 1.20.10
A19 Mar 2021 Added support for vCenter 7.0u1c
A18 Mar 2021 Added support for VxRail 7.0.130
A17 Mar 2021 -Changed min OS10.5.2.x version to on Leaf and Spine page
-Changed current OS10 version to on MX page
A16 Mar 2021 On the Leaf and Spine Page:
-Added Z9100 (Isilon/Powerscale backend only) and Z9432F
-Added breakout information for leaf-spine and VLTi connections
-Added two-node VxRail clusters to unsupported environments
A15 Feb 2021 Added min/max SmartFabric size details
A14 Jan 2021 Clarified NSX-T 3.0.2 support is with vCenter 7.0u1
A13 Jan 2021 Added support for VxRail 4.7.525, 4.7.526
A12 Jan 2021 - Added support for VxRail 7.0.100
- Combined VxRail, PowerStore, Isilon, etc. matrices into a single matrix
- Added links to switch product support pages and OMNI/OS10 user guides
A11 Jan 2021 Links updated for 4.7 and 7.0 VxRail Support Matrix
A10 Dec 2020 - Table updated for new OMNI 2.0 release.
- Supported VxRail and/or SFS versions (4.7.521, 7.0.101) in conjunction with OMNI 2.0 and SmartFabric OS10 (10.5.2.x min verion
- Added changes to notes around supported versions for VxRail and SFS solutions
- Fixed some incorrect information on Data Center switch table
A09 Dec 2020 Removed campus listing and updated format on tables
A08 Dec 2020 Updated VxRail SFS support table adding 4.7.515 to the support list, also added note for no support for OS
A07 August 2020 Updated tables to reflect MX Series MSM 1.20.10 and OS10 SmartFabric release
A06 July 2020 Updates to VxRail, vCenter, OMNI, PowerStore, Isilon, and ESXi tables; new hidden table formatting
A05 July 2020 Update for OME-M 1.20 and OS10 release for PowerEdge MX
A04 July 2020 Update for SmartFabric OS10 - for VxRail support *** important patch release
A03 July 2020 Added S5232F-ON to switch listing
A02 June 2020 Update for SmartFabric OS10 - for VxRail support
A01 June 2020 Addition of MX7000 Support Matrix
A00 June 2020 Initial release of the Dell EMC VxRail with SmartFabric Services Support Matrix

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